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ART: my creative attempts


The music was composed between 1988 and now on different keyboards (technics kn1000 and Roland Kr5).

I made a few albums, for example:

Freathening (2009)

Cosmology (2010)

The music can be used for other purposes. Please contact me to find out more.

Films: my facingcities project

Cities all over the world have to face storms, fog or homeless people. The statues in these cities are often the silent witnesses of events. Their faces express despair, hope and sadness.

It all started with …. Faces in St Emilion (the old wine town in France).

On my You tube canal you can find other short movies of cities and their statues facing special conditions. Please have a look.

On my other You tube canal you may find other films


The paintings used on my site were made 30 years ago and are all in own collection. They are for sale, but as for all modern art, prices start from $ 100.000

Music: Musical portrait ©