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Thursday 23-1
The man without a past, Aki Kaurismaki, 5
Kaurismäki was always a film-maker who is averse to frills and appearances, and concentrates on the essence of what he has to say. He is very frugal and cautious in his choice of cinematographic means, so there is nothing unnecessary in his films. In addition not much was ever said in his films.
This film - however is a bit different - and is the best of the three I have seen so far (Juha, 2000 and Drifting clouds, 1997), and most optimistic also. The style remains as described above which makes his films almost absurdistic. Good music also. Next movie will be made in Hollywood?

Saturday 25-1
Women's Prison, Hekmat, 4,
interesting movie about women in an Iranian prison in 1984, 1991 and 2001. You can see from the inmates that Iran is changing as well. Good roles by the director of the prison and 1 inmate serving almost 17 years. Good acting and always admirable that people manage to make this type of movies in Iran.

Eliana Eliana, Riri Riza, 3,
New Indonesian cinema. A bit chaotic story about a girl meeting her mother from Pagang in Jakarta where she tries to build her own life. The movie gets better at the end. Promising, as not so many movies come from Indonesia.
20.00u Noi Albino, Dagur Kari, 4
Participating in Tiger award. Also from Iceland few films were to be seen at the festival. This one is well done, funny and with beatiful landscapes.

Friday 31-1
Le Chignon d' Olga, Jerome Bonneli, 2, r
ather bad French movie about curly boy who has to sort out whether or not to be in love with actress (typical for French movies!!).

The Tracker, Rolf de Heer, 5,
Fascinating movie about three white man who try to catch an aboriginal suspected of murder. They are assisted by another aboriginal who is not so innocent as he tries to make believe. The style of the movie is as a western with music like Ry Cooders Paris Texas. In violent episodes the movie is being replaced by pictures depicting the scene. I love this movie.

Paule und Julia, Torsten Lohn, 2,
German movie and a step back from the German I have seen the last two years. Acting is very bad. I have seen only 30 minutes of this film.

Saturday 1-2
A Les Chemins de l' oued, Morel, 4,
Interesting movie about Algerian boy who has to return to Algeria after killing a cop in Paris in a car accident. He finds his family involved in small difficulties, the land of his grandfather being neglected and the country torn apart by the civil war. He does not find his place but on his return trip he is killed in a fake road block. Good story and great pictures of Algerian towns and landscape.

La Cage, Raoust, 3,
rather slow movie about a girl who after her release from prison returns to the victim's father who lives high in the French Alps. Nice scenery and once you get used to the long shots it is possible to stay awake, as the acting quite ok.

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