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Friday 23-1

Green tea; 3.
Good acting and nice pictures in otherwise rather boring story of a blind date.

Rhinoceros eyes, 4
Surprising and very visual movie about an idiot working in a bizar store house (Prop).

Tehran 7am, 3,
Realism in Teheran, especially the drugs testing centre scene is very funny. But remains a bit a collection of short stories without connection.

Silent Waters, 4;
surprisingly good and interesting movie, that makes one understand the way islamic extremism can develop, both at the end of the 1970s as well as nowadays. Pictures of Pakistan are colorful and recognisable (I was twice). Promising; perhaps a bit too long.

Saturday 24-1
Fuse, 4,
Pleasant movie about post-war Bosnia. A bit simplistic story line, but despite all the jokes (Clinton will visit the city) it is the mental problems of the old man who lost his son that is the best part. His sitting together with his 2 sons after his suicide is the most impressive scene.

Monday 26-1
How I killed a saint, 3,
Resistance against Nato presence in Macedonia is filmed in a somewhat rough way with not very good acting. Still the film makes sense and is an interesting document about reality behind peace keeping.

Distant Lights, 3,
Frankfurt am oder and Slubice still make the border between east and west. This movie gives a rather sad picture of people cheating each other and trying to make a living on both sides of the border. It is a well made movie, but the stories fail to become one movie, as the 5 separate worlds of people are too distinct from each other.

Thursday 29-1
All tommorrows party, 3,
strange almost poetic movie. It is not very good without any consistent story. Still shots are gloomey but beatifull.

Tomorrow wheather, 3,
Famous Polish actor Jerzy Stuhr again. The Polish Good bey Lenin contains too many events and is more a soap. I enjoyed this movie nevertheless, with some moral lessons for contemporary Poland. How to avoid drifting away when the church is no longer playing the central role in society?

School of Rock, 5,
Excellent acting by Jack Black (rocking Tenacious D). He should get an Oscar for this role....

Friday 30-1
Aaltra, 4,
Funny low budget black and white movie. Two men destined to a wheel chair after an accident try to visit the company of the agricultural machine in Finland. Funny is the stay with the Germans, the scene in the sea after getting drunk, the Sunney translation and Valtra versus Aaltra.

Osama, 4,
Interesting movie about the Taliban period in Afghanistan. Makes it more understandable what happened there.

Little men, 2,
No enough story and a bit too desperate.

Battle Royal II, 2,
The first edition was better. You must be Japanese to understand how to combine an extremely violent movie with some anti war philiosophy.

Saturday 31-1 (Nathalie)
Dak van de walvis (Ci4)
Unterways Ci6
Caterina va in cita Pa4

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