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Wednesday 26-1
Sideways (opening), US, 4
Good movie about winetasting and romance in California. Sometimes a bit too much trying to be funny. Excellent conversations about wine and pinot noir is better than Merlot.

Friday 28-1
Hotel, Austria, 2
Not very good. Meant as a modern fairy tale, the story is not well developed. You almost fell asleep even when there should be suspense. Lovely Rita, the film of Jessica Hausner I saw before, was much better.

Survival Style 5+, 5
Great Japanese movie with music and actors from the west as well. Nice acting, absurd stories, but still it is easy to follow the different stories in this film. I enjoyed it very much.

Dead man's shoes, VK, 4
A rather tragic and funny movie at the same time. Good mix of flash backs and the present makes clear what is happening and why.

Eastern Sugar, 3
Hungarian youngsters are bored with their lives at the lake Balaton. Sometimes boring for me as well, although the overall impression of this film is still positive.

Familia Rodante, 3
Ok, I did not see the whole film and yes it was a warm family movie. But everything was too predictable and the characters not very well elaborated.

Saturday 29-1
4, Rus, 4
Two movies for the price of 1. First Moscow, modern city life, three people meeting in a bar. One guy from the state administration, head of dept for spring water for the president, a piano tuner telling a fantastic story about gen technology and human doubles in Russia and a prostitute. Later the lady goes to the rural area, her home village, where we can enjoy the delicate Russian country life for one hour. A bit too long at the end, but spectacular and sometimes repulsive pictures of old ladies chewing bread for masks.

Pusher 2, Dk, 3
Funny about this movie is that it is made with criminals. Otherwise a bit boring,

Hunter, Kaz, 3
Nice nature, but not very impressive story.

The edukators, Germany, 4
Funny feel good movie. It takes a bit long before the events unfold, but the scene in the mountain house when the bank director starts to speak about the 70s and his role, the free sex and the ideals is very funny.

Sunday 30-1
Temporada de Patos, Mex. 4
Again a light, funny black and white movie like 25 watts. Better not become a Pizza delivery boy in Mexico.

Delamu, Chi/Jap, 4
Slow but beautiful. Both landscapes and people on the tea road are impressive. Not a film but a documentary.

Monday 31-1
Turtles can fly, Iraq/Iran, 5
Best film of the festival. Almost impossible how the director was able to make a movie under such circumstances, just before the start of the war. Very impressive how the handicapped children in this film act naturally.

Dalecarlians, Sweden, 3
Nice movie, but for women. The men in the movie are not very relevant. It is all about the delicate issue of female relationships. To see it after the Turtles can fly makes it all seem rather irrelevant.

Tuesday 1-2
My summer of love, VK (N), 4
Nice movie, but not exceptional
Women is future of man, Korea, 3

Wednesday 2-2
10.00, Ci1, Goddess, Rus, 3
12.30, PA1, Un dia sin Mexicanos, VS, 4
15.00, Lux, Cool, Nl, 4
18.00, Ci6, Czech dream, 4
20.30, Pa4, Land of plenty, 4

Friday, 4-2
69, Japan, 4

Saturday 5-2
Les ponts des arts, 4
Yasmin, 3

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