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Freathening ©

This album was produced in November 2009. It deals with our fears. See inside cover of CD below (partly in dutch).

The song playing now is Freathening (not existing in English) but is somewhere in between frightening, threathening and fear. It is about fear for supernatural powers.

The other tracks and fears are:

Short equilibrium (fear for losing your peace of mind)

Dividing minds (fear to grow apart)

Suddenly (fear for disasters)

Just another day (fear for emptyness)

Nasty tropical surprise (fear to get a tropic disease)

Monotonous (fear to get bored)

Triton (king of the sea. Fear for drowning)

Second thoughts (fear to take wrong decisions)

Cracking fingers (fear to get old)

Musical portrait (fear to get blind)

Far away from house (fear to get lost)

Depressed (fear to get depressed)

Before death (fear in the moments before dying)

Why you? (fear to lose someone)

Music: Freathening ©