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There are 3 fundamental conflicts that have changed our view of the world:

Newton and Maxwell: speed of light

1. Isaacs Newton’s laws of motion stated that if you run fast enough you can catch up with a beam of light. James Maxwell’s laws on electromagnetism states that this is impossible. Light is a form of electromagnetic wave.
Solution: Einstein solved this by special relativity: nothing can go faster than light and space and time are dependent on where you are and how fast you go.

Newton and Einstein: how fast travels gravity
2. But that gave rise to a next conflict. Newton’s law of gravity worked directly over big distances, whereas Einstein had just proved that also gravity should not be able to travel faster than light.
Solution: general theory of relativity wherein space and time distort (warp and curve) as due to the presence of matter and energy. Gravity is just the warping of space and time.

Einstein and Bohr/Heisenberg: Big versus small

3. Finally, general relativity and this new view on gravity by Einstein could not be combined with quantum mechanics. Light proved to be a wave and its particle (photons) behaved very strange in some experiments, this strange behaviour of very small particles include that you donot know where they are and where they go and gave rise to a new theory: quantum mechanics.
Solution: string theory where particles are the final product of the way how tiny little strings vibrate.

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