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Ministry of Finance (2000-2002)

As I was not  a real diplomat and did not want to work abroad every 3 years, I moved on. Between 2000 and 2002 I was lucky enough to be part of the Euroteam in the ministry of Finance. A small group of people was working on the introduction of the Euro in the Netherlands under Finance minister Gerrit Zalm. All citizens had to be informed and all shops, organisations and government levels had to be prepared in time for 1-1-2002. I was responsible for introduction by municipalities and some security issues.
We celebrated the introduction on old years eve in Maastricht and later on also with a big party in the Knights hall (Ridderzaal). See pictures below.

Read how the team was working, including my role in Introduction of the Euro in the NL, 2001 in Dutch.

Other publications in Dutch on the progress of municipalities and lessons that could be drawn for other projects can be found here and here.