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Up till now, I had the chance to visit several countries. Interesting business trips included trips to Pakistan, Nairobi, Washington, New York, London, Brussels, Almaty, Baku, Moscow, Prague, Andorra, and the Dutch Kingdom Islands in the Caribean

My holidays were in India, Hong Kong, Argentina, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Tanzania, Kenya, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and many countries in Europe.

Below you find some stories. On my You tube canal there are various films I made at some of these destinations

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NY marathon

New York marathon 2000
I approached the 23 mile sign in Central Parc. My legs were becoming heavier with every step and my pace slowed. I was near collapse.

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Balkan Blues

Balkan Blues, 2002
Most impressive in the city are not the touristic monuments, there aren't many, but the bombed remainings of the Ministries of Defence and of Interior Affairs. You can clearly see where these rockets hit the building. A gaping hole and collapsed concrete floors show the impact of precision bombs.

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Paris Texas

Paris Texas, 1998
A man walks alone in the desert. He has no memory, no past, no future.
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Camping with lions

Camping with lions, Serengeti, 1999
The car started to chase the lion and it appeared that there were three more just next to the campsite. We were in real danger and the French ladies started to panic.
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Barcelona - Villareal

Barcelona, 1998
The headlines of the newspapers next day were very critical. This was the worst position in the primera division since 1969 and the position of van Gaal was seriously in danger
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Skating for health, Almaty,  2008
Medeo was still in my mind, so I bought a bigger suitcase and I packed my skates together with my suit to grasp this chance to see this historic place. Perhaps I could even skate a world record myself.

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Het Zweedse model, Stockholm, 1994
Een enorme machine met twee grijparmen zaagt een boom in tien seconden om, ontdoet de stam van alle zijtakken en hakt het geheel in drie of vier stukken.
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Belfast, 1993
Bij de grens staat op een groot bord met rode letters "RAMP" aangegeven. Overtuigd dat ik in een rampgebied niet langzaam moet rijden druk ik het gaspedaal in

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Bedelen om rust

Bedelen om rust, India, 1994
als ik de deur van de douche opendoe kan ik mijn ogen niet geloven. Er zit een zwarte harige spin van minstens een halve meter op de achterwand van de kleine ruimte. Ik sta ongeveer twee meter van hem vandaan en dat wil ik graag zo houden.

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